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We offer a range of indoor air quality solutions to both commercial and residential clients.

The quality of the air you breathe within your home or business can impact your overall health and well-being. Constant exposure to polluted air can cause unpleasant side effects, including congestion, nausea, sore throats, eye irritation, and headaches. Prolonged exposure to contaminated air has been linked to more concerning health effects, particularly among those with existing lung or breathing conditions. If you are concerned about the indoor air quality in your building in The Blue Mountains, Ontario area, our team at Nottawasaga Mechanical can help. We offer a range of indoor air quality solutions to both commercial and residential clients.

Indoor Air Quality in The Blue Mountains, Ontario

One of the services we can provide is duct cleaning, which eliminates contaminants from the ductwork that moves the air throughout the space. We can also install high-quality products within the space that will continue to clean and refresh the air. One option is a Lennox Pure Air Filter, which is a smart whole-home solution that attacks airborne bacteria, germs, and particles, as well as chemical vapours and odours. The HALO LED air purifier is the first LED-based, whole-home air purification system available on the market. It is zero ozone compliant and free of mercury, so it is a safe option for those who want to reduce their impact on the environment. This unit can reduce airborne and surface contaminants and pollutants through its revolutionary ionization technology.

In addition to these cutting-edge solutions, we offer other products to help protect the indoor air quality within the homes and businesses of our clients. We have something for every property owner who wants to improve the quality of the air they breathe.

At Nottawasaga Mechanical, we offer indoor air quality services throughout South Georgian Bay, Ontario, including Wasaga Beach, Tiny, Elmvale, Midland, Orillia, Penetanguishene, Collingwood, Nottawa, Singhampton, Barrie, Creemore, Clearview, Mulmur, New Lowell, Stayner, The Blue Mountains, Ravenna, Clarksburg, Thornbury, Meaford, and surrounding areas.